Douglas C-54 Skymaster Wet decal

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Артикул: PRS 72-203
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Douglas C-54 Skymaster Wet decal

Douglas C-54 Skymaster / 72-203 / 1. VC-54E (ex C-54E-15-DO) Unit: Washington Air National Guard. Serial: 44-9117 (c/n.27343) C-54E modified to VC-54E staff-transport. To Canadian civil registry as C-GQIC. With Buffalo Airways since November 7th, 2000. 2. R5D-2 Unit: US Navy. Serial: BuNo.56511. After 1962, the Douglas R5D-2 Skymaster (BuAer.Nr.56511) was converted in C-54Q and engaged by US Navy to long-distance flights in the end of sixties. This machine used to base at Philippines, at Island, in London and Hong-Kong. 3. C-54A-1-DO Unit: USAF. Serial: 2107443 (42-107443, c/n.7462). This a/c wore typical early painting scheme Olive Drab / Neutral grey. After the war it served with FAMA and Faucett civil airlines. On December 30th, 1976 its career breaks because of flying accident.


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