Douglas F3D Skyknight Wet decal

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Артикул: PRS 72-087
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Douglas F3D Skyknight Wet decal Douglas F3D Skyknight Wet decal

Douglas F3D Skyknight / 72-087 /
1. EF-10B, 125849 of VMCJ-1, colors as shown on front cover, arrow dark green withred strip. Rough translation of Russian on wing tank is join the U.S. Marines.

2. F3D-2 Skyknight, US Navy, BuAer 127038, VF-11, NAS Key West FL.,ca 1954.

3. F3D-2, 124603, of VFAW-3 depicts skipper Cdr. Eugene A. Valencia’s aircraft on his May 1960 trip to Canada. In Canada the British insignia was applied to the star and the RCAF insignia on the tail. While stopping at Portland. Ore., the Air Force’s 460th.FIS insignia was applied to the upper tail. Overall grey and white scheme with CAVE TIGRIM colors as folloows - Dark green shield with yellow border and CAVE TIGRIM background. Black white and yellow shaded lions hed with red mouth.

4. F3D-2, 127038, on 9 Nov. 1954. Overall gloss blue with yellow fuselage flash and wing lip and fin tip.


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